AvoCoco Ice Cream


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only coconutty lunatic who daydreams about quirky raw ice cream combos! Probably because I am. If you'd like to join me on my nice cream adventures, keep reading.

My top two favourite foods in the whole wide world are coconut and avocado, so you can imagine my overwhelming excitement when I realised I could make ice cream out of these terrific two! I used Ayam coconut cream this time, but I'm keen to make my own coconut cream in future - I have a coconut scraper that I got in Fiji sitting in a kitchen drawer just longing to get in on the action. 

This ice cream has a soft serve consistency that will appeal to even tiny tots. Make sure to add lots of coconut nectar if you have a sweet tooth. The carob adds some sweetness, but the avocado and coconut cream aren't exactly high in sugar. That's kind of why I used them, as I'm off all sugars (even fruit!) until January. 

Ingredients (makes 2 smallish bowls)

1 large avocado, diced and frozen overnight
1 can of Ayam coconut cream, poured into ice cube tray and frozen overnight
coconut flesh and coconut water from 1 fresh young coconut
juice of half a lemon
handful of coconut chips (preservative- and sulphite-free)
fresh avocado, diced
handful of raw carob kibbles
coconut nectar to taste (optional)

1. Blend frozen avocado, coconut cream ice cubes, coconut flesh and water, and lemon juice together in a high-speed food processor or blender. 
2. Serve with coconut chips, fresh avocado, and carob kibbles.

*This recipe isn't very sweet without coconut nectar and that's how I like it right now while on my anti-fungal livet. Add coconut nectar if you want it to be sweet.