Photo credit: Jamin Binning

HELLO and WELCOME to my Sisi-friendly life!

I’m Sisi, a secondary teacher who grew up in bustling Sydney, is currently living on the glorious Gold Coast, and teaching in a sleepy little country town called Murwillumbah, at the base of majestic Mount Warning. I’m also an occasional promo girl and a full-time follower of Christ.

I started this blog to share my beloved recipes with you, as well as other lovely lifestyle stuff.

I embarked on a very specific food journey several years ago, when I decided I wanted to make healthier choices, and my close friends would warn me at social functions of food that might not be vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free. You can imagine how time-consuming and complicated it became to explain all of my food options at every social gathering, so they started to use the term “Sisi-friendly” to identify food that would be suitable for me to eat. As I experimented more with recipes, they dubbed my creations “Sisi-friendly” too.

As well as being a health nut, I’m also an animal lover, greenie, and humanitarian, so the term then caught on with other lifestyle products, as I prefer to use skincare products and wear clothes that are vegan, sustainable, and fair trade. “Sisi-friendly” has become a whole lifestyle!

In the future, I dream of running a plant-based, whole foods cafe that will double as a soup kitchen for locals who are doing it tough. I also present health seminars all over the world and would love to continue to educate people on how to cure and prevent disease with nutrition.

My favourite foodie quote is “The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” – Ann Wigmore. I couldn’t agree more!

All of my recipes are vegan, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, unprocessed, and organic. I prosper by eating the finest possible diet of vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, gluten-free grains and legumes - as close to the diet of the Garden of Eden as possible.

I hope my recipes inspire you to love all the things you CAN eat, instead of lamenting all the things you can’t. It’s not about going on a diet as there’s no diet that will do what healthy eating does. Instead, join me on a livet by making permanent positive lifestyle changes. Create healthy habits, not restrictions!

Sisi xo